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Lead Partner 2018

“We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision making and strategic planning. We call it Informed Leadership.”

M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in fourteen countries. Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary big data technology and human intelligence.

We offer media, business, and market intelligence solutions, strategic analysis and advisory services, consultation services, as well as online intelligence tools and technology to bring insight into our clients’ business environment. Our solutions and services are tailored to serve a variety of business needs regardless of function, industry type or language barriers.

  • Global data coverage: We currently monitor hundreds of millions (constantly growing) online sources, over 2,000 print media sources and over 100 TV and Radio news broadcasts 24/7 to serve our clients anytime, anywhere.  More than 70 languages covered.
  • Strong technology: Our proprietary, patent-pending big data technology searches, selects and filters the relevant and only relevant content from all over the world for our clients; fed through our cutting-edge social media platform and intelligence portal; M-Adaptive and Intelligence Plaza.
  • Human intellect: Our 450 analysts worldwide provide intelligence to our clients by providing them with insight based on information, including primary and secondary research & analysis.


More information: 

Whitepaper: What business leader should think about market intelligence teams


Business Partner 2018

Sedulo Group is a full-service competitive and market intelligence consultancy offering a wide variety of primary research-based services. We uniquely combine primary research expertise with traditional management consulting disciplines to provide clients with a holistic view of their competitors, their market and their business objective.


Comintelli sells best-in-class software for Market and Competitive Intelligence that converts unstructured Big Data content into organized, digestible information for decision-making.  Our software platform, Intelligence2day®, is an Insight Engine that helps you avoid drowning in information while thirsting for insights.



Proactive Worldwide is a global decision support, research and consulting firm that provides evidence-based strategic intelligence anchored by primary research. For over 20 years, our multi-lingual professionals have assisted clients with competitive research studies and custom benchmarking services related to market and competitive positioning, market entry and defense strategies, customer insight analysis, and competitive alert programs. Our market and competitive intelligence professionals also lead clients through war gaming and scenario planning exercises to pressure test their business strategies and ensure they stay Out in Front® of their competitors.

More information: 

Whitepaper: CIs role in strategic planning

Business Partner Community

KnowledgeAgent is recognized as a leading solutions provider to support decision making processes and strategy formulations through strategic research and analysis.

Our research experts, industry analysts, and technology consultants have been providing reliable results and realizing tailor-made market intelligence solutions for more than a decade.

Our market intelligence solution Knowledge Connect is a cloud-based tool delivering comprehensive insights into competitors and markets.

  • Digitize and automate knowledge in your daily operations
  • Gain access to most valuable information within a few clicks
  • Share internal and external information across your entire organization

Knowledge Connect is implemented within minutes and starts from as low as € 99 per month.




Kline is an international consulting and research firm with strong functional capabilities in market intelligence, strategic analysis and opportunity evaluation. Dedicated to equipping our clients with global insights and knowledge by leveraging our extensive international expert network to assist with finding the most viable path for commercial success.

Kline has served the management consulting and competitive intelligence needs of organizations in the agrochemicals, chemicals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for nearly 60 years from our offices in USA, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, India, China, Tokyo and Brazil. For more information, visit www.KlineGroup.com.



MIRA Analytics is a powerful tool for visualizing trends and key topics by using compelling NetworkGraphs. It allows you understanding Who is doing What, When and Were. Discovering and analyzing trendy topics, competitors intentions or technology disruptions by using multiples topics together it is easy and quick now! Mira saves precious time and makes precise cross-analysis.

MIRA Analytics, as well as MIRA Intelligence, are developed by Miniera SL; a company with more than 17 years experience in Competitive, Marketing and Innovation Intelligence.



Strategy Resource Partners concentrates on competitive strategy.  Nothing else. We are based in London, with associates across the world.  We work on the linkage between a firm’s costs, its market profile, and its success.  For this, we have developed a number of proprietary ‘’tools of analysis’’:

  • ReverseCosting®
    –  to compare a competitor’s costs with your own, for a specific service or product
  • Key Customer Profiling
    – to get behind the “Buyer’s Stonewall Face”, and understand their real preferences; and how well you fit them
  • Strategic Competitive Intelligence
    – to “get inside the head” of your competitor
  • Risk/Return Simulation
    –  to ‘Game Play’ future strategies against competitor actions and market changes

These approaches are universal. We have used them to help industrial, commercial and financial services companies, across Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa.  We work for PLCs and private companies, but not for governments.


EMBS Group is a provider of business intelligence and market research services. We reduce uncertainty and provide our clients with a solid basis for their business decisions to help them achieve their strategic objectives in new and existing markets. We are specialists in Europe and Central Asia, and capable of successfully delivering market intelligence projects for any country globally. All of our projects are tailor – made and designed specifically to solve our clients’ business issues. As result, they are often a mix of different services we offer and different methodologies we employ. At EMBS we are focused on providing solutions to real business problems. Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to professionalism, a desire to understand your needs, our network of contacts and our pride in providing high – quality customer service.



Publisher and integrator of software solutions, Bertin IT (CNIM Group) provides a range of products & services covering defense-in-depth of sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures and advanced processing of multi-formats data (text, image, audio, video) for digital intelligence applications such as open-source intelligence, strategic intelligence (AMI Software), media-monitoring and speech analytics (Vecsys).

The combination of expertise in digital intelligence and cybersecurity produces a unique value proposal, enabling the in-depth extraction of the wealth of content broadcast on the Web while at the same time ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the processing chain.

Based in Montigny (Paris region), Bertin IT recorded turnover of €15m in 2015 and has a workforce of 120 in France, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Germany.



LexisNexis is a leading global provider of content and technology solutions that enable professionals in legal, corporate, academic, government and non-profit organizations to make informed decisions and achieve better business outcomes. LexisNexis harnesses leading-edge technology and world-class content, to help professionals work in faster, easier and more effective ways.

With LexisNexis® Research & Media Monitoring Solutions, we enable our customers to monitor competitors, relevant industry topics and your own brand in real-time. No matter if you need access to print or online sources, international company data, forums, blogs, social networks, TV or radio coverage – with LexisNexis you get full insights. Valid full-text information empowers you to react more quickly and make informed decisions to grow your business.

The various LexisNexis tools have been developed according to the specific informational needs of our customers so that you can get exactly the right information and analysis quickly and easily. You get access to 36,000 licensed, international sources and more than 200 million company profiles worldwide which are not fully available on the open web. Depending on your specific needs, you can deep-dive into the data to gain profound knowledge about a relevant topic or create meaningful and actionable graphical media analysis to get a quick overview.



Kompyte is a competitor tracking software that sends real-time alerts when your competitors make changes to their websites, products, and digital marketing campaigns.

Today, competitor tracking is done manually. Kompyte automates competitor tracking and reporting and helps marketers identify not only what their competitors are up to, but also identifies what’s working for them. Marketers then leverage these insights to improve their own product and marketing strategy.



Proactive Worldwide is a global decision support, research and consulting firm that provides evidence-based strategic intelligence anchored by primary research. For over 20 years, our multi-lingual professionals have assisted clients with competitive research studies and custom benchmarking services related to market and competitive positioning, market entry and defense strategies, customer insight analysis, and competitive alert programs. Our market and competitive intelligence professionals also lead clients through war gaming and scenario planning exercises to pressure test their business strategies and ensure they stay Out in Front® of their competitors.



Now in its 27th year, Fletcher/CSI helps clients gain an advantage with its unique competitive intelligence services. Fletcher/CSI customizes each study to meet the client’s specific business needs with targeted, proprietary research in primary intelligence, win/loss analysis, trade show intelligence, and related areas.



Better Intelligence. Faster Together.

Wide Narrow is the company behind Perspective – Intelligence Workflow and Collaboration Software:


Wide narrow was established 2005, we are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with local representation in Germany, UK, Norway and the US.


Dig Worldwide is a specialist agency founded in 2011 providing back to basics primary competitive intelligence.  Rather than passively searching the Internet and recycling information or interviewing a handful of sources, we spend the majority of our time talking to high numbers of informed sources.  In order to uncover these sources, we utilize both traditional and novel methods such as our bespoke Source Enrichment tool.

Everything that Dig Worldwide does is based on asking the right questions of both our clients and potential sources of intelligence. This ensures that our efforts are focused on what matters from an intelligence gathering perspective rather than peripheral activity.

Reliability is at the core of who we are, providing a flexible yet consistent service. We always act ethically when gathering intelligence and deliver results in a thought-provoking and analyzed manner.

For more information, please contact us at info@dig-worldwide.com visit our website



Founded in 1998, Digimind is a leading SaaS social media monitoring and Competitive Intelligence company. The company’s ultimate goal is to reshape the boundaries of Social Intelligence landscape with the best of breed technology designed to help companies get the most of their social data to deliver the most amazing social customer experiences. Located in Paris, Rabat, Singapore and New York, Digimind helps over 600 leading organizations, such as LinkedIn, Sony, McCann and Lexus, to truly become insight-driven organizations and accelerate their digital transformation.


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Digital Business Hub is the ever-growing source of knowledge and expertise regarding highly relevant topics such as information technology, software development, and IoT. All of which are extremely diverse and do not only appeal to IT decision makers interested in the rise of digital ecosystems and businesses.



Internet of Strategy Network covers content around best practices, discussions, and solutions within the scope of digitization and its appliance in businesses. Topics such as IT Security, Digital Marketing, Finance, HR Technology and many more are increasingly gaining importance important and call for decision makers willing to use chances and benefits of digital transformation.



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